Roundtable with Joban Kosan Chairman and Executive Director Kazuhiko Saito and Class of 2014 Graduates :Reflecting the path to recovery and post-quake Tohoku


Switching Careers from a Bank Clerk to a Lawyer

Makoto Uehara
Attorney, Uehara Makoto Law Office
Instructor of Legal Practice, Chuo University Law School

Makoto UeharaSeventeen years have passed since submission of the Recommendations of the Justice System Reform Council (hereinafter referred to as "Recommendations"). These Recommendations served as the basis for reforming our country's justice system and led to the introduction of the lay judge system. [ More ]

(Jul. 5)


Education course

Staircase to Adulthood
-Consideration to the Issue of the Lowering of Age of Majority (Article 4 of the Civil Code)-

Shinichiro Toyama
Professor, Chuo Law School, Member of Daiichi Tokyo BAR Association
Areas of Specialization: Corporate Compliance, Modern Contract Law, Tort and Compensation Law (traffic accidents, medical malpractice, nuclear accidents, etc.), Domestic Relations Case Procedure Act, Labor Law, Insolvency Proceeding Law, Financial Legal Affairs, Antitrust Law, Personal Information Protection Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Legal Economics

Junichi MiyamaAs requested on June 7, 2018, I have provided my referential opinion about the bill that amends part of the Civil Code (Act No. 55 presented by the Cabinet) proposed in the 196th Plenary Session of the Diet, House of Councillors Committee on Judicial Affairs (Chairman Hirotaka Ishikawa).  [ More ]

(Jul. 19)

Education course

Legal Research and the English Language from a Comparative Perspective

Nobuyuki Sato
Professor of Public Law, British & American Law, Information Law, Chuo Law School, Chuo University.
Areas of Specialization: Public Law, British/American/Canadian Law, Information Law

Nobuyuki SatoThe author went on a business trip to the capital city of Canada, Ottawa from 13 to 18 June, 2018, an opportunity that came about as the result of becoming a President of the Japanese Association for Canadian Studies which is a regional research association on April 1, and being scheduled to participate in the Annual General Meeting of International Council for Canadian Studies.  [ More ]

(Jul. 12)


Do educators have pre-established knowledge?

Junichi Nakamoto
Specially Appointed Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University
Areas of Specialization: Theory of School Education, Theory of Teacher Training, Theory of Social Studies Education

Junichi NakamotoIn school and college education, educators are always mulling over how to instruct learners effectively. I have given this title as an essential question toward educators, and many scholars have discussed it. As I train teachers in this university, I would like to focus on this question by going back to the basics. [ More ]

(Apr. 7)


Coming into My Own as a Female Lawyer— Life as a Small-town Lawyer at the Kumagaya Branch

Aoi Namaizawa
Instructor of Legal Practice, Chuo Law School

Aoi Namaizawa“I’m so glad that I chose you as my lawyer.”“I really appreciate all of your kindness.”Words which support me all come from my clients or defendants.  [ More ]

(Jun. 21)