Roundtable with Joban Kosan Chairman and Executive Director Kazuhiko Saito and Class of 2014 Graduates :Reflecting the path to recovery and post-quake Tohoku


Thoughts on the Decline of English Language and Literature Studies at American Universities

Naochika Takao
Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University
Area of Specialization: 19th-century American Literature

Naochika TakaoAt international conferences on American literature and in lectures by American scholars in recent years, we increasingly hear that English language and literature departments at American universities are suffering from a lack of popularity. The numbers of students who go into English language and literature departments and young people looking to do further research are apparently dropping off sharply.  [ More ]

(Oct. 26)


Education course

Era of Severe Punishment and Issues in Criminal Jurisprudence

Makoto Ida
Professor, Chuo Law School, Chuo University

Fumihiko IshiyamaCriminal law refers to law related to crime and punishment. Criminal law uses (the warning and imposition of) punishment in an attempt to prevent future crime and maintain social order. Criminal jurisprudence, the academic discipline of researching criminal law, actually is extremely appealing to study; indeed, it may be more appealing than any other academic discipline.  [ More ]

(Nov. 16)

Education course

Issues in Legal Diversity from the Perspective of Multiculturalism and Legal Pluralism

Fumihiko Ishiyama
Professor, Faculty of Law, Chuo University

Fumihiko IshiyamaReport No. 1 has already discussed an overview of the research project entitled “Comprehensive Analysis on Diversity of Legal Systems in Asia-Pacific Region and Convergence towards Establishment of the Rule of Law.” As stated in that report, “there are an infinite number of issues surrounding legal diversity.”  [ More ]

(Nov. 2)


Do educators have pre-established knowledge?

Junichi Nakamoto
Specially Appointed Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University
Areas of Specialization: Theory of School Education, Theory of Teacher Training, Theory of Social Studies Education

Junichi NakamotoIn school and college education, educators are always mulling over how to instruct learners effectively. I have given this title as an essential question toward educators, and many scholars have discussed it. As I train teachers in this university, I would like to focus on this question by going back to the basics. [ More ]

(Apr. 7)


Won’t you Become a Professional Needed by the Community?

Hiroshi Iguchi

Hiroshi Iguchi(1) The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred 22 years ago, in January 1995. Countless people in Kobe suffered the loss of parents, children, and other family members, and witnessed the destruction of their homes, companies, and factories. Personally, the earthquake occurred the year after I had opened my own law office, and the disaster left me with no expected income.  [ More ]

(Nov. 9)