Weekly Opinion
Jun-ichi Konuma

Will labor shortages change our current work styles?

Kazuya Ogura
Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Waseda University

As income disparities widen, conservative forces emerge in various countries, and escalating efforts to reject immigrants and take protectionist measures in international trade are observed. Income gap is a major problem yet difficult to stop due to the complicated and closely entwined world economy. Protectionism, which is easy to advocate, could trigger domestic price hikes, exacerbate economic downturn and increase unemployment.[More...]

(Feb. 20)


Fine Arts

Gustave Courbet in 21st-Century France and Japan

Yoko Kitamura
Professor of the School of Culture, Media and Society, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University

Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) was a French painter involved in the 19th-century realism movement. His famous works A Burial at Ornans and The Painter’s Studio are large paintings with a height of 3 meters and a width of 7 meters. Both of these works provoked severe criticism when they were first revealed. Even now, the “lack of common sense” in these works can be felt when viewing the actual paintings at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, a museum which held a large-scale replacement of exhibitions in 2011. [More...]

(Aug. 9)


Knowledge Co-Creation - Profiles of researchers

Where Does the Mind Exist? Science Clarifies Subjectivity and the Unconscious Mind

Katsumi Watanabe
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

Having interest in the human mind since high school, I majored in psychology at the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Letters. At first, I just vaguely sought to study clinical psychology, psychoanalysis for example, but experimental psychology was the main focus of the department. [More...]

(Nov. 8)

Waseda research zone - latest news on project research

Interdisciplinary, International and Practical: Comprehensive research institution in a transforming society

In the early 21st century, developed countries are experiencing slowdowns in economic growth, a decrease in population, a decline in birthrate and an aging population. [More...]

(Dec. 13)


Children’s Rights through Picture Books - Gifts from a Swedish Children’s Book Author -

Hatsuko Kawana
Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University

Have you ever heard of the Convention on the Rights of the Child? By bringing the world’s wisdom together, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted this Convention in 1989, so that all children around the globe could live happily. [More...]

(Jan. 25)