Weekly Opinion
Kaori Ishii

The Dangers of Children Sitting Too Much
Improving Physical Health and Academic Performance through Everyday Awareness

Kaori Ishii
Associate Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University

It has become clear that for adults, in addition to a lack of physical activity, sitting too much can lead to various health risks. For example, studies have shown that sitting too much while watching television, using computers, doing office work or commuting can increase the risks of obesity, excess body weight, diabetes and even death. [More...]

(Jan. 15)


Fine Arts

Gustave Courbet in 21st-Century France and Japan

Yoko Kitamura
Professor of the School of Culture, Media and Society, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University

Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) was a French painter involved in the 19th-century realism movement. His famous works A Burial at Ornans and The Painter’s Studio are large paintings with a height of 3 meters and a width of 7 meters. Both of these works provoked severe criticism when they were first revealed. Even now, the “lack of common sense” in these works can be felt when viewing the actual paintings at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, a museum which held a large-scale replacement of exhibitions in 2011. [More...]

(Aug. 9)


Knowledge Co-Creation - Profiles of researchers

Investigating Sociolinguistic Diversity from the Perspective of Phonology

Sylvain Detey
Professor, Faculty of International Research and Education, Waseda University

My expertise is in applied linguistics, which is a field of research that explores language acquisition and learning, as well as the relationship between society and language. There are two major fields within applied linguistics: foreign (or second) language education and natural language processing for computerized systems. [More...]

(Nov. 14)

Waseda research zone - latest news on project research

Formation on Integrated Maritime Law Research and Education Center Promoted through the Joint Effort of Industry-Academia-Government

Japan is an island nation. Historically, Japan has interacted and traded with East Asia and the world by sea. Today, 99.9% (weight base) of transnational logistics in Japan is dependent on maritime transport. [More...]

(Jul. 11)


As We Approach the Opening of the "Kariya Ekisai Gravestone Reception Commemoration: The Man and His Work" Exhibition

Sachi Tokuizumi
Assistant, Waseda Aizu Museum

From Tuesday, November 28, 2017 to Saturday, January 20, 2018, the "Kariya Ekisai Gravestone Reception Commemoration: The Man and His Work" Exhibition will be held in the first-floor exhibition room at the Waseda Aizu Museum (Picture 1). [More...]

(Nob. 22)