Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get a free trial of Yomidas Rekishikan and how long does it last?

    Simply fax or e-mail us the application form, and we’ll have you set up in a couple of business days. We usually offer a one-month free trial.

  • Is the Yomidas Rekishikan archive service useful to people with little or no knowledge of the Japanese language?

    The Japan News (previously The Daily Yomiuri) is The Yomiuri Shimbun’s English edition and is included in Yomidas Rekishikan. In addition to offering full search capability via English screens, we’ve also linked the English articles to their original Japanese text. This can be extremely helpful in clarifying the precise meaning and context of stories.

  • Why should I subscribe to Yomidas Rekishikan when I already use other archive services which include Yomiuri Shimbun articles?

    Yomidas Rekishikan offers unique features as well as exclusive content not found in other news archives — even those which contain other Yomiuri Shimbun articles. For example, only Yomidas Rekishikan carries articles published prior to September 1986 (which includes all articles published in the Meiji and Taisho eras), the Contemporary Who’s Who database of prominent people, and the optional Regional Sections (Showa Era). Our linking of English articles with their original Japanese text — which often contain photos, illustrations and charts — is exclusive to Yomidas Rekishikan.

    In addition to this exclusive content and the unique features mentioned above, Yomidas Rekishikan includes four dictionaries and lexicons, as well as the ability to save articles and search formulas.

  • Will I be charged for printing out the articles/pages from Yomidas Rekishikan?

    There are no extra fees to print out articles, whether in full-text, clipping or full-page format (depending on the archive section).

  • How do keyword and full-text searches work, particularly with older articles published before the digital age?

    Because our archives did not exist in digital form before 1989, our expert journalists spent countless hours tagging historical articles with keywords and writing headlines for articles which originally had none (a common practice before the end of World War II). Depending on the length and subject, any given article may have between 10 and 40 keywords assigned.

    In the Heisei Era section, you may search by keyword or by the full text of the article. In The Japan News, full-text search supports partial word matching. To search for an exact match, enclose your search word or phrase in quotation marks.

  • Can we allow remote access for our users?

    In order to allow remote access, we typically ask an organization to purchase two or more simultaneous access licenses. (See our Fees and Subscription Models page.) Please note that The Yomiuri Shimbun cannot provide technical support for remote access.

  • May I cite articles from Yomidas Rekishikan?

    Please cite the date and name of the publication (e.g., The Yomiuri Shimbun, The Japan News) and note your use of Yomidas Rekishikan.

  • May I reproduce articles from Yomidas Rekishikan?

    For permission to reproduce, copy or otherwise redistribute articles, illustrations or other content from Yomidas Rekishikan, please contact our Intellectual Property Department at: