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Gion festivai is one of the most famous and historical festivals in Japan. It takes place annually in summer in Kyoto and has continued from 1200 years ago as purification ritual for illness and disaster. The best highlight of the festival is the Yama Hoko Junko grand procession of the floats with gorgeous and beautiful decollations on 17th and 24th July.

Naginata Hoko float is always first in line in the procession, although order of many floats is determined by the lottery. It takes 3 days to build the float without nails but ropes. This is a traditional technique called Nawagarami.

The Chigo sacred child on Naginata Hoko cut the rope which divides the holy precincts by a sword and the procession begins.

The Yomiuri Shimbun is the first media that shot with a 360-degree-camera inside of Naginata Hoko keeping its established role closed to women, this summer.

Firstly, you can watch a 360-degree-video by Gion Bayashi musicians on Naginata Hoko.

Then, please enjoy virtual Naginata Hoko tour via "to 360-degree-photos" below. You can watch ceiling paintings and so on.

Movie and 360°Photo: Tetsuya Kikumasa (photo dept) Direction: Miku Sawano (dept of arts&culture), The Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka

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