European refugee crisis

Seeking Asylum

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The number of refugees from war zone in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan coming to the European Union has dramatically increased since September in 2015.

A Japanese journalist, Kouki Kataoka, has taken photos of many refugee families during his travel with them across 8 countries from Greece to Germany for 3 weeks.

About 50 refugees traveled across the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey. After their 3 hour trip, they landed Lesbos island in Greece.

Children were helped to land by supporters

Ihsan Arbo, 25, Iraq, thanked to God just after landing

Latifa Abdolkerim, 46, Syria, was pleased with safe trip with her brother.

"No other choice we had for our children's education than this" . Mustafa Habeeb , 47, Syria.

Ragdah Al-hashim, 48, Iraq, was helped to land by tourists visiting the beach accidentally.

Life jackets and boats refugees used were left on the beach

At midnight, a Syrian woman was uneasily waiting for a ship to Athens with a lot of refugees

A family from Afghanistan showed signs of fatigue while waiting for a bus from Athens to Macedonia

Ihsan Arbo, 25, Iraq, finally saw his friends again at Thessaloniki station, 5 hours from Athens by train.

Ihsan and his wife Rania were heading to a border between Macedonia from Greece. Only one year after their marriage, they left their home country, Iraq

In Hungary, at the border between Serbia. Police patrolled along a fence to prevent refugees from entering.

Refugees walked along a fence to find a path to across the border

In front of the closed border between Serbia and Hungry, refugees protested police to open a gate

"Why you close? We just pass your country, Hungary!"

In front of the closed border between Serbia and Hungry, refugees slept on a road, Horgos, Serbia

15 year boy Ahmad Ramazan refuged for a half year with bare feet from Syria.

Hungarian police fired tear gas at refugees

A man injured his head with tear gas attack could not hide his anger

Refugees lived on a road in front of the gate. They charged batteries of their smart phones.

Dalal Saloum, 20, Syria was looking for clothes with her children before heading to Croatia

A bus stop at a border between Serbia and Croatia

Refugees lived in a gas station temporary, Beli Manastir,Croatia

Refugees were waiting for a bus to Hungary. Eastern European countries rejected refugees

"Let me ride on a bus!"

A woman shouted to a policeman, Baranjsko, Croatia

A night on a bus

In front of a border with Slovenia, refugees were stopped to enter, Harmica, Croatia

People were sleeping on rails at Tovarnik station, Croatia

Fire kept refugees warm

Changing a train to Austria in southern Hungary

Syrian family were heading to a border with supporting their grandfather

In the train bounding for Zagreb at Tovarnik station, Croatia

with smile

In Croatia, refugees passed a border with Hungarian police guarding strictly

18 year old woman from Syria made big smile when she entered Germany across a border from Austrian

Refugees studied German in Berlin, their final destination.

The women's dream was to work in the beauty industry after mastering German

9 year old girl from Syria was chatting happily with her mother in a refugee camp in Berlin

Children from Syria were frolicking with balloons in their room in the camp

"I love my home country, but what else can I do?" Most of refugees grieved so.

Photos by Kouki Kataoka, Produced by Miku Sawano
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