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Column: Yesterday & Today

Impressive play dazzling fans
(Photograph provided by the Japan Amputee Football Association)

Spreading the Appeal of Amputee Football

Mitsuko Shino
2nd-Year Student in the Faculty of Commerce

 I am a student in the Business Challenge Course (taught by Professor Takeo Watanabe) in the Chuo University Faculty of Commerce. The course supports amputee football, a type of football played by athletes with disabilities. 18 students from the Faculty of Commerce are involved in operation of the Japan Amputee Football Championship which will be held on November 11 and 12 (Kawasaki City).

High level of competition

Amputee football is mainly played by athletes who have had their upper or lower limbs amputated. During games, athletes use the same crutches that they use in daily life, rehabilitation, and for other medical purposes. This makes amputee football very easy to enjoy for people with extremity disabilities. The popularity of amputee football is growing rapidly overseas and more people are becoming aware of the sport.

However, amputee football is not widely known in Japan. Therefore, we, students in the Business Challenge Course in the Faculty of Commerce, are trying to spread the appeal of the sport with the goal of attracting 4,000 fans to attend the Japan Amputee Football Championship. Previously, only about 1,200 fans had attended the event. For this project, students are divided into groups in charge of activities such as public relations, event planning, sponsor sales, and attracting food retailers.

During our first class, we received a special guest lecture by Sergio Echigo, who serves as Senior Advisor to the Japan Amputee Football Association. Afterwards, students tried playing amputee football at a soccer field on the university campus.

Members of the Japanese amputee football team instructed students on skills such as using crutches, running, passing, and shooting. The training ended with a mini-game. For students, it was an extremely valuable opportunity to experience the appeal and difficulty of amputee football.

Professor Watanabe and all students in the course attended the 4th Leopin Copa Amputee, a national tournament held in the spring (May 13 & 14, 2017, Osaka City).

“When I tried playing amputee football, it took me a really long time to stand up after falling down,” explained Sara Nazuka, one of the students in the course. “However, I was deeply moved by seeing how quick the athletes were to stand up, no matter how many times they got knocked down. The athletes have a high level of skill, which makes amputee football a very entertaining sport to watch.”

Students from the course are looking forward to attending the Japan Amputee Football Championship. We will see you at Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki.

7th Japan Amputee Football Championship (2017)
November 11 (Sat.)
12:00 Opening ceremony
12:30 Kickoff
20:00 End of games (scheduled)
12 (Sun.)
9:30 Kickoff
14:30 Finals
16:00 Closing ceremony (scheduled)

Click here for details!
You will be redirected to a website created by students.

Sales of specialty goods at Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki (formerly known as Kawasaki Stadium) (currently operated by the J. League Kawasaki Frontale): During the Championship, special local goods from the hometowns of the nine competing teams are scheduled to be sold.

Students in the Business Challenge Course

▽4th-Year Student
Kana Eto, Yutaro Tamaoki, Nozomu Niimura, Takuya Numazaki, Kan Morita

▽3rd-Year Student
Sara Nazuka, Yui Fuchikami, Riku Yaekura, Nozomi Sumida

▽2nd-Year Student
Remi Sato, Yudai Takenaka, Takahiro Naoi, Shuho Harashima, Tenzo Makimoto, Naoko Masukura, Shuhei Yama, Keigo Makino, Mitsuko Shino