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Is it right to relate the maintenance or abolition of the death penalty to the adoption of the life imprisonment Without Parole?

Makoto Tadaki
Professor, Faculty of Law, Chuo University

On July 6, and 20 days later on July 26, 13 criminals on death row for the series of attacks carried out by Aum Shinrikyo, including its founder, Chizuo Matsumoto, also known as Shoko Asahara, were put to death. Seven criminals were executed on July 6, which was the largest number of executions carried out on a single day since the Ministry of Justice began announcing executions in 1989.

(Sep. 27)

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Building Stronger Multidisciplinary Cooperation Toward Preventing Child Abuse

Miyuki Nakagawa
Specially Appointed Professor and Public Prosecutor, Chuo Law Schoola

According to press reports, child consultation centers across Japan handled more than 120,000 cases of child abuse in 2016 (preliminary figures). Since the study was launched in 1990, the figures have continuously increased, reaching record numbers every year. According to the 2017 White Paper on Crime, there were 1,041 arrests related to child abuse, about 3.5 times the figure recorded in 2007, with a considerable rise in the number of violent incidents.

(Aug. 23)

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Study in Invoice Currencies and Exchange Rate Pass-through

Taiyo Yoshimi
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chuo University

When companies from different countries make trade transactions through imports and exports, they agree on numerous contract terms. “What” (traded products), “how many” (transaction volume), and “how much” (transaction value) would immediately come to mind, but in addition, “which currency to pay in” also forms one of the most important parts of contract terms.

(Oct. 4)

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Research on Alluvium/Crustal Movement on the Sanriku Coast—Working to Clarify the Cycle of Megathrust Earthquakes

Yuichi Niwa
Research Associate, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University

At the time of the Tohoku-oki Earthquake of 2011, a maximum subsidence of slightly more than one meter occurred on the Sanriku Coast, an area along the Pacific Coast of the Tohoku region. Geodetic records show that this area had trends of subsidence for several decades to 100 years prior to 2011.

(Sep. 6)

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One Form of International Contribution that Supports Globalization of Japan

Ryota Mori
Organization for Technical Intern Training

Aiming to be an immigration officer, I began working at the Ministry of Justice Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau in October 2011. The Immigration Bureau, which is one of the internal departments of the Ministry of Justice, is established as an organization that is responsible for immigration control.

(Oct. 11)

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Do educators have pre-established knowledge?

Junichi Nakamoto
Specially Appointed Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University

In school and college education, educators are always mulling over how to instruct learners effectively. I have given this title as an essential question toward educators, and many scholars have discussed it. As I train teachers in this university, I would like to focus on this question by going back to the basics.
It would be my pleasure if there were any areas that readers could resonate over the discussion below.

(Apr. 7)

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